Our Services

PBE employs a diverse team of more than 100 designers, artists, fabricators, animators, computer programmers, engineers, media producers, writers, content specialists, and other hard-working go-getters collaborating to produce a vast variety of projects across a multitude of media. Our work reflects our diversity: whether the task is creating movie sets, exhibition halls, digital media—or best of all, an innovative integration of all those elements—at PBE we make it our goal to exceed the expectations of our clients.


Exhibit Planning

Beginning with smart conceptual and narrative design, we create experiences worth leaving home for: relevant, compelling exhibits that inspire visitors to discover, explore and invent.

We can arrange exhibits to offer linear flow of content and make use of dramatic sight lines, while simultaneously allowing easy access to our standalone “block-buster” exhibits.


Fundraising Facilitation

We build environments with conferences, dinners, special events, and self-sustaining income in mind. Our clients use the spaces we create to host events and generate excitement and revenue. We actively equip clients with concepts and materials for fundraising throughout the duration of the project.


Rendering & Visualization

Our render-and-review process allows us to communicate visual concepts with visual people. Rendering allows us to rapid-prototype ideas and collaborate with our clients to clearly define their vision for the project.


Content & Research

We delve deep to understand our client’s story and recast it in a fashion that inspires visitors both young and old. Our dedicated content team will go anywhere, anytime to get the story right and frame it to inspire.

Exhibit Design

When content drives design, you have to drop the ideas that sort of work and sharpen the ones that definitely work. From napkin sketches to 3D models and lighting studies, the design process focuses our sense of possibility into a coherent visitor experience.

Our comprehensively integrated in-house design team offers a distinct advantage in our design approach. We continue to make improvements to our creations in all steps of the process, right up to the final fabrication stage.


Base Building Integration

We work with building architects and engineers to integrate walls, floors, restrooms, power, and back-of-house areas seamlessly into our buildout. Done right, base building can expand the versatility of immersive spaces by creating resources for docents and special events while also giving the area flexibility for future adaptation and expansion.


Construction Documentation

Construction documents translate renderings into reality and allow us to
iterate and improve upon past concepts. They are also essential in providing
warranty service to our clients.



We engineer our own solutions to complex fabrication and design challenges.
Elegant problem-solving and an economy of moving parts support safe and sustainable operation of mechanical and electromechanical installations.


Exhibit Fabrication

Fabrication is where the real magic happens. From streamlined cabinetry and displays, to never-before-seen interactive props and dynamic dioramas, in-house fabrication is our bread-and-butter for sculpting memorable visitor experiences.


Graphic Design & Illustration

We design graphics that fuse exhibit content with immersive environment. As the most readily accessible form of exhibit content in our immersive environments, graphics and illustrations are essential for drawing visitors into the exhibition to learn more.


Audio / Visual Installations

We design and choreograph AV installations to enhance immersion and bring interactivity to our environments. We work with the best of the industry’s media servers, show controllers, microcontrollers, projection mapping techniques, display technology, and sound systems to craft experiences you can’t get on your average screen.

Interactive Design

We develop a wide range of interactive applications to educate and entertain visitors. Touchscreen applications are a staple of in-depth content delivery, designed with intuitive user interfaces and multimedia in mind, while interactive games, simulators, and hands-on exhibits draw visitors into the space and invite them to engage with the fundamental content story.


Video Production & Animation

We write, direct, and produce stories for screens both conventional and not. Regardless of how it’s presented, video is often the most readily accessible form of content. We strategically use video productions to introduce and orient visitors to the wide-scope context of the exhibition and present in-depth information.


Motion Theaters

We design and choreograph immersive motion-platform theaters that transport visitors to the crux of the content story. We adapt theme park technology to compact spaces, and create high visibility media productions that give visitors something to write home about.